About TrustInGod.com

About TrustInGod.com

Our chief aim at Trust in God is to Inspire Faith around the globe by providing simple and easy-to-understand online resources.

Today Ministries is a safe place to connect with God. We exist to serve by Inspiring Faith. Regardless of Chris Whetzelwhere you live on this earth, our websites provide reliable Christian teaching in written, audio, and video forms. We strive to teach Christ in ways we can all understand, apply to our lives, and experience positive change. We also provide places on this site for prayer requests and questions.

Today Ministries is a non-profit entity Dedicated to helping people connect to God. LEAD Today equips leaders spiritually and professionally to influence their world. We offer coaching relationships, groups, and conferences. You can learn more by going to our website at www.Lead-Today.net.

TrustInGod.com is an interactive website where we address some of the most important questions christians have today. But it isn’t all about us. We ask you to get involved in the discussion. Get involved!

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We have carefully assembled a small but qualified team of directors adding value to the vision and future of our ministry. We will continue to develop directors and staffers from within our movement.

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Our chief aim at Trust in God is to Inspire Faith by providing inspiring teaching, events and a network of people who are pursuing God.

Today Ministries
Today Ministries and its affiliates Trust In God and Lead Today are 501c(3) organizations

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