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The Problem With Fear
January 29, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

We are afraid. We struggle with fear. We feel threatened. Scripture tells us this is true if we have yet to be perfected by love.

Sometimes it’s obvious wh . . . Read more »

What is God's Design for Sexuality?
January 08, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Practical and specific questions regarding human sexuality are good, not bad. The way to get to the best answers is to ask the right questions. I don’t think I have . . . Read more »

Forgiveness Is A Gift: Part 5
December 14, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

The first part of prevention is to seek understanding. I have found that many of our relational problems are rooted in the wounds of our past. The past deforms our a . . . Read more »

Forgiveness Is A Gift: Part 4
December 04, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

When we are thoughtful enough to mourn the condition of fallen humanity, it develops a sense of reality within. When we “get real,” our sense of need and love for Go . . . Read more »

The Gift Of Forgiveness: Part 3
November 12, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Remember, the power of rendering justice has been given to the resurrected Christ. Justice has been accomplished through Christ and will be carried out by Christ. Wh . . . Read more »

The Gift Of Forgiveness: Part 2
November 05, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Most followers of Jesus know they should be people of forgiveness. They understand the need to be forgiven and yet struggle to forgive others. The process begins onc . . . Read more »

Forgiveness: Part 1
November 01, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Relational people have a gift of navigating through the mountain roads of friendship. Somehow they have a realistic sense that friendships come and go as a normal pa . . . Read more »

Why Do I Allow Such Evil?
August 06, 2012 :: Jim Piper

It doesn't happen much but God woke me up. Laugh if you want but when it happens, even this soft American pastor knows it's time to get up and listen. I woke up toss . . . Read more »

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