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Being Your Best Self

December 22, 2017 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
Being Your Best Self

It seems I have two continuous thoughts about living my best life, being the best version of myself, living with purpose and on mission, being a person guided by values and vision, etc., etc. My two thoughts are aligned and get me moving in the right direction yet one thought comes to mind when I'm being a jerk and the other thought comes to mind when I'm doing well but need more faith. One thought is "Without Christ I can do nothing" (that's the one I get when I'm being a jerk) and the other thought is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (this is the one that answers my self doubt).

I think a lot about these kinds of things. I don't like the typical pulpit answers I often hear and perhaps I'm guilty of sharing some of the same from my own pulpit. Even those who do not follow Christ, they are still empowered by him to breathe and think, to walk and talk, to exercise their strengths, and to choose. So, it is true that without Christ, we simply fall to the ground and perish. That's true for all of us.

Here's the problem. Some of us choose to live at that level of empowerment. I'm talking about people who believe in Jesus (you know what I mean, that he is God the Son). I do it to. I can get in a place where I consciously forget that I have a choice. I have a choice to live my life with an unconscious presence of Christ or to live and be led by the Holy Spirit in a conscious, dynamic, real-time relationship.

To live without the power of the Spirit is to constantly be fighting for what I want, what irritates me, and it includes all my appetites, grudges, wounds, etc., etc. That kind of life is just frustrating and it turns you into a jerk.

To be like Jesus we have to live the way he did. We have to be led and presently, consciously, convicted and conversing with the Holy Spirit. The results are amazing (yet I still forget and go back to basic survival and tactical humanoid living more often than I want to admit). Walking with Christ, I can overlook an offense, I can live in the present and active state of forgiveness, I can dream amazing dreams, I can be full of faith, I laugh more, I love more, I'm simply more likable.

My message this Christmas is to seek Jesus. Look for him. Ask God to guide you. Ask the Spirit to empower you. To make you bigger than this life. You can be bigger because you can do all things through Christ! Merry Christmas!

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