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Does Anyone Fear God?

March 14, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Proverbs 1:7 says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction."

Many folks don't like the phrase "Fear God." They often explain this by reminding us that God is gracious and loving and therefore, there is no need for fear. Indeed, Scripture and our blessings of life would agree that God is loving but that's not all it says about him.

God's attributes include wisdom and justice. His wisdom is not merely parental advice, it is how the universe works. His justice is what happens when we ignore his universal laws. To focus on part of God's nature while ignoring the rest is to live in foolishness. Fools suffer more than all the rest because they despise wisdom and instruction. That's simply what fools do. They ignore authority.

To fear the Lord is to have an awareness and attitude of submitting our desires to his, to seek his ways over our own. To fear the Lord is also a sense of worship, awe, honor, and respect.

A lack of fear for God will be reflected in how one treats self and others. If we don't respect the creator, we won't respect his creation. From a horizontal perspective, we can be sure that one who does not respect authority on earth will not respect authority above. These who do not actively respect God will suffer with a lack of self-respect. A lack of self-respect overflows onto the lives of others. These same people cheat and wound their fellow human beings. You see, hurt people, hurt other people.

We learn from Scripture and life-experiences that a healthy view of God empowers a person to live a more informed life. A life producing more wisdom, joy, success, and healthy perspectives. Such a person will also experience more loving relationships.

There was once an often heard phrase that could use a comeback. That phrase is "He is a God-fearing man" or "She is a God-fearing woman." Our world would be a better place if we heard this more often. 

To find your way off the destructive path, start by learning about God. As you seek him, you will come to know him, follow him, become more like him, and reproduce his life in others.

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