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Forgiveness Is A Gift: Part 4

December 04, 2012 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Mourning begins the healing process

When we are thoughtful enough to mourn the condition of fallen humanity, it develops a sense of reality within. When we “get real,” our sense of need and love for God grows. It then motivates a Christ-like compassion for people – even those who hurt us. This is a radical love provided to us by God. His love and forgiveness heals our wounds.

Healing happens as we live for God

We know we are healing when we begin to live for God. Living begins the moment we embrace Christ. Living for him is more than simply believing the story of Christ; it is actually about knowing him by faith. You cannot know him until you encounter him. You cannot encounter him without looking at him. I might like the stories surrounding the events of Christmas and Easter, but I will not know him until I step out of my busy life and look him in the eye.

We cannot look him in the eye until we read the word of God and allow our heart to soak in the words and events of the Gospels and New Testament writings. We cannot experience him until we speak to him, believing he hears us.

Forgiving others is an immovable part of living for God

One cannot live for God without becoming forgivers of men. When we become forgivers, we become people who begin to reflect the image of God. Forgiveness is the air we inhale and exhale on the path of healing. We breathe it in for ourselves and breathe it out toward others.

Healing begins in the soul

Healing is what the Holy Sprit desires to accomplish in you. The most important is the healing of the soul. The soul is the command center of our being. It is the seat of our emotions, intellect, and decision-making power. To be healed by God is to experience him relationally, stimulated by his thoughts, and empowered by him in our will. In other words, we come to know him, learn from him, and allow him to be expressed through us.

When we live for God, we forgive and our health improves. We still cry and maybe more than we did in the past. But the crying is filled with the presence of God. Sometimes we cry in joy and sometimes in sorrow for those we love, but it is not a cry of hopelessness.

Our minds come to life. The way we think is influenced by the presence of Christ and his ever-abiding words. We begin to think in God-terms and sometimes the Spirit impresses us in unusual ways. We sense his nearness and we live each day examining our thinking with God’s word.

Our will to do good and resist evil becomes ever stronger. We surrender our desires to the pleasure of the creator. We experience more joy living for his will and purposes rather than our own. It’s a place in life many never find. It’s the joy of becoming a friend of God.

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