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Good People

April 03, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.

Proverbs 2:20 says, "So follow the way of good people, and keep to the paths of the righteous." HCSB

Like you, I have been exposed to good people as well as others who can be described differently. This proverb is screaming out to the young and to those seeking companionship.

For the foolish and naive, the counsel is simple. Do not keep company with people who have idle hands. They have nothing else to do but find trouble or seek the next high. To adopt this kind of life-style is to be swept down a wide road of self-destruction. Nothing good can come from this kind of fellowship.

There is something important to consider for those who dislike the idea of "judging" others. Don't confuse making good judgments with a judgmental spirit. We have to make decisions every day. Good decisions bring forth good results and bad decisions bring forth bad results. Make good decisions about your time and your company.

A judgmental spirit is better understood as a prideful or condemning nature. This is a person who rarely connects with anyone. They are simply negative. This is not at all what the proverb is speaking about. Don't be naive. There are people in this world who will intentionally cause you harm and there is a life-style that will bring about the same result. 

What is the proverb saying to those of us who desire to rescue these wayward souls? The message is clear. If you want to make a difference in your life, keeping yourself healthy is the first step. If you want to help others, live a consistent and healthy life-style. An unhealthy person cannot help others as well as a healthy one.

Most of us have been on an airplane and have heard the safety instructions in case the cabin loses oxygen. Masks flowing with air will fall from the overhead. The instructions make it clear: "Put your mask on first before helping others." This means you are to put your mask on before helping the little children and the elderly! 

You cannot help others if all you think about is the poor souls who need help. You will provide more help to others if you realize your own need for God and good company. The overflow of these relationships will give you the strength to reach out your hand to those who realize their need and are willing to accept it.

Right now, take just a moment and ask yourself two important questions as you consider what it means to be a healthy person under God's care. How am I allowing God to minister to me? Who are the people in my life I can follow because it is clear they are following God?

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