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It's What we Need

March 29, 2018 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
It's What we Need

"It was reported that he [Jesus] was home. So many people gathered together that there was no room, not even in the doorway, and he was speaking the messaage to them." Mk 2.1-2

I was reminded over the last few days how needy we are. As humans, we need a sense of belonging, we need to have confidence in our relationships, we need to love and be loved, and we need direction. We are in need of answers and reassurance. In this world, we are on the alert. We experience inequities, fatigue, and loneliness. We sense there is a cliff to fall from and want to feel secure far from its edge.

This morning as I read the two verses above, I had a feeling of warmth come over me. I'm familar with the story that follows but I could not read on because my imagination and memory wanted to park for awhile and ponder. I'm more of an introvert than extrovert. I've come to realize that I am an outgoing introvert. I say this to explain that no matter our temperament, we were made for one another and for God. We don't have the capacity to shoulder all that comes with numerous relationships, but the resurrected Jesus does. The warmth I felt come over me after reading the words, "so many people gathered" was accompanied by mental pictures of similar gatherings of my past.

Just to name a few... my house was full of teenagers in Hemet California as I taught about Jesus, the same was true in Chino California, and again in Aurora Colorado. Along with these mental slides, I remember the days of baptisms at the various churches where I served, the pacific ocean, lakes, backyard pools and hot tubs, horse troughs, and even a bath tub or two. But one day sticks out most for me at Creekside Church in Aurora Colorado. I will never forget the well over 100 people who where baptized on the same day. Its been my honor baptizing thousands of people seeking what I seek and needing what I need. All of these memories are precious.

I'm in a different season of ministry. I work with leaders around the country in a personal way. Though I still like to teach to large crowds, I long for those living room environments where we all feel safe, loved, and warm. Maybe this is why we are contemplating once again how we can reach out to our nieghbors and invite them into our home. Maybe we never out grow a need to belong in a smaller environment. Fifty people squished into my living room has the same mystical power, maybe even more than a stadium full of 100,000 people. Maybe, just maybe, the Lord is leading us in this same way again.



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