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Liferoom Guiding Principles

Liferoom Guiding Principles

Our Vision

Liferoom is a micro-church network working together to build community around the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Hundreds of seekers and believers participate and belong to dozens of home “Liferooms” throughout Colorado.

All Liferoom communities gather together 6 to 8 times a year at our Community Center for worship, fun, teaching, and vision casting.

Each Liferoom is unique yet united in purpose with the overall Liferoom community. We see each with a strong focus on community and spiritual growth.

Our Liferoom Builders are raised from within and represent our model of leadership development and mentoring. They are charged with not only building a Liferoom but also raising up additional Liferoom Builders.


Our Community Center is a lighthouse of goodness and cultural activity. It is a coffee house and bistro, a place of entertainment, education, and celebration. The facilities will include a large meeting space where such activities can be held.

Who are we?

We are a non-denominational Christian ministry. We drive from all around the metro area to participate. We create environments where you can feel safe and welcome. We keep things simple: no formal membership or hoops to jump through. We teach the Bible and teach you how to learn and use the Bible. We are fun, informal, and a bit non-institutional. Experienced leaders lead us. We accept people from all backgrounds. We don’t know all the answers.

Our Purpose

Our ongoing purpose is to serve by Building Community around the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.


Our chief aim at Trust in God is to Inspire Faith by providing inspiring teaching, events and a network of people who are pursuing God.

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