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4 Essentials of Christian Living

March 23, 2015 :: Jim Piper Jr.
4 Essentials of Christian Living

Jim Piper's book: 4 Essentials of Christian LivingIn this book Jim Piper, Jr. explores the cornerstones of the Christian faith and offers practical advice that you can use on a daily basis for walking in fellowship with Christ and the Christian community


May 30, 2013 :: Drake Hunter
No one ever injured their eye sight by looking on the brighter side of life.
FREE eBook: Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts book by Drake HunterDrake Hunter's "Happy Thoughts" now free on TrustInGod as a FREE download.

The Inspiration Equation

May 23, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
Many do not live inspired lives. They exist.
The Inspiration Equation

Many do not live inspired lives. They exist. I believe there is a reason why and I know there is a way to change. You can and should live with inspiration but it all starts with understanding.

What Is Love?

May 20, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
As we mature, we realize that love is one of the most important components of our constitution. It is a weak character that loves only the lovable.
What Is Love?

Love is an element of your character. Studies in ethics, history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and theology have described character as a combination of seven attributes: courage, temperance, wisdom, justice, faith, hope, and love. Many have attempted to define each of these but none so much as the subject of love.

What Creation Tells Us About God?

May 20, 2013 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
In this Manifesto Pastor Jim Piper explores creation and the existence of God.
What Creation Tells Us About God?

As far as I know, an angel did not show up to satisfy my thirsty faith. Years have gone by since I made this request but the desire to see the supernatural still lives. Even though I did not receive what I wanted, I believed then as I do today, there is a God and he knows my name.

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