Mass Shooting - First Baptist Sutherland Springs

November 06, 2017 :: Jim Piper, Jr.
Mass Shooting - First Baptist Sutherland Springs

First Baptist Sutherland Springs. Another mass shooting. Our heads are on a swivel. They turn from one part of the country to another. We go through a variety of emotions... shock, fear, protest, anger, sadness, denial, and maybe numbness.

We protest. We protest death because internally and spititually we just know that we were not created to die. When people tell us that dying is part of living, we pause. Part of us agrees because its the only experience we have. Yet there is another part, for most of us, that fights the reality. While we have strength we do everything we can to push away aging and poor health. We hate dying.

We protest. We protest evil. Evil comes in many forms. Some we try to explain and some cannot be explained. Either way, we know evil exists and we hate it. We hate it even when we participate in lighter forms of it. We hate it when we compromise what we know to be right. We hate it when we are not true to self. We hate it when we sense that we are not living up to our Creator's design.

We protest. We protest the fall of humankind. You know what I'm talking about... it's that old old story of the garden. The enlightened call it a fable. They say we have created God in our own image. They say we are growing and changing. Are we? The wars look different but the feeling is the same. Hate.

We mourn. Death, Evil, and the devastation of the Fall of mankind is our reality. Mourning is not the changing of our mind. It's not repentance but it opens the door. Mourning death, evil, and the Fall makes us low and humble.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Jesus

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." Apostle Paul

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