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Our Values & Mission

Our chief aim at Trust In God . . .


Our Mission

Our chief aim at Trust In God (TIG) is to inspire faith around the globe by providing online resources and merchandise.

Our Values

Values. Our decisions and behaviors are based upon values not emotions. Our emotions and impulses must be subordinate to our values. In other words, our values inform who we are, what we do, and how we do them. They guide us. They are the guardrails that keep us as individuals and teams from driving off cliffs of emotion, insecurity, and fear.

1. We believe the Bible is Reliable

The Bible tells us about God, humanity, our history and potential future together. It's not always easy to understand but when one invests in serious study, it reveals itself as something that could have only come from God. It covers thousands of years and a variety of contexts, it is sometimes straightforward, sometimes mysterious, sometimes jarring, but always filled with awe.

2. We believe God is Good

This value is more dangerous and disturbing than the first. God is good because he is perfect, holy, and cannot fellowship with darkness. This is what makes the Gospel message so relevant. If you're offended by the topics of heaven and hell, the person and work of Jesus, and the pain we experience on earth, we think that is normal and perhaps even healthy. All we ask is that you continue to search out the Jesus of the Bible and see what he is really about and why a Good God is such a dangerous thing to believe.

3. We believe we can Trust God

We believe we can trust him with the things we do not understand. When life becomes overwhelming we embrace three fundamental ideas: there is a God; he is a Good God and we can trust him with the things we do not understand. There will come a day (if it has not already visited you) when you will decide if you share this idea. For in that moment, there are only two things to do - trust him or reject the idea of God. This is our truth is it not?

4. We believe in Reason

It goes without saying that we believe and practice faith but we also believe in reason and being reasonable. Humans have both do they not? We practice faith in something and at some level everyday yet we also use our judgments (reason) formed by our conditioning (experiences) which certainly includes our upbringing, our context and culture, and our various shades of temperament. It seems some simply argue or demand for the sake or fear of something not always discerned on the surface. We think little is accomplished in this manner. We prefer to not only practice faith and reason but also do it in reasonable ways. We see ourselves as ambassadors for God not because we exceed the intelligence of our fellow earthly citizens but because we too sojourn along with you.

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